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From the creativity of Sergio Bicego comes Pixel sofa, featuring a series of elements that can be freely combined, thanks to an exclusive connector created by Saba Italia. In this way the arm- and backrests can be removed from the bases to form endless new arrangements. The feather-padded seat cushions feature special quilted covers which highlight the limitless possibilities for mixing the fabrics in the Saba collection to create a new and unique sofa every time. Thanks to the distinctive shape of the back- and arm-rests, the overall width and depth of the sofa are surprisingly small, without penalizing its handsome good looks. Pixel sofa has been carefully, ergonomically designed to provide the maximum comfort in a highly refined and stylish product. Fully removable covers.

Pixel is a modulable sofa! You can choose the unit you need, backrest/armrest or not and your favorite color and fabric to create your dreamy sofa.

Prices start from 3370€ for a classic 2,5 seaters sofa(184x92cm) with armrest and backrest.

Feel free to contact us to love@afc-collection.co for more informations!


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