How we manage interiors these days 

These days a lot of people buy fast furniture, which is cheap furniture, produced in large amounts, that isn’t meant to last for more than a few years. After a few years it gets replaced because the owner doesn’t love it anymore and they are able to buy a whole new interior with a minimum amount of money. 

This is all part of the consumer-driven society we live in which is under control of big companies. In the future we will have to change from a consummating society to a more sustainable society where products are made to rest for a long time. Today people already do a lot of effort to change the way of travelling, eating, … but we are doing way to less effort to change the way we furnish our houses.  

AFC created a sustainable system which gives people like you and me the chance to furnish their house taking account with the environment. The system is based on being able to change your interior with high quality furniture for a fair price. It is called “Lease-to-own” and it contains that people lease their furniture instead of buying it. By launching this  we want to tackle today’s problems around fast furniture. 

The lease-to-own concept of AFC in a nutshell 

  1. Get in touch with AFC by mail, chat or Instagram. 
  • AFC stops by at your place to get a feel for your needs and taste.Based on this meeting, they provide you with a list of possible pieces for your space. Services and meetings are complimentary.
  • AFC offers you a few proposals as to how we would designyour space using our unique, affordable and vintagefurniture. “New” Adds-on if wanted will be charged 15%.
  • After picking a proposal, you can handover your keys and we’ll set up yournew interior within only one day. 
  • You pay a fixed price each month and after a pre-arranged time you get the option to buy the furniture you leased by paying the residual value of the furniture. 

Why should you do it? 

The lease-to-own concept of AFC gives you the possibility of living in a beautiful sustainable interior with the chance to change your interior from time to time. AFC offers a large range of vintage and design furniture which brings a unique feeling with them. It’s a paradise for people who love the eclectic style. By being part of this concept you do not only live very sustainable, you also live in a house full of unique furniture.